[WIP] Iron Man 3 house party protocol armors in GTA San Andreas

Hey people this time i wanted to show you some some rare and hard to find armors that will be featured in the iron man mod that I'm making. I'm still working on the first one (which I modeled) but the rest are already rigged and work perfectly.

Mark 8 (created by me merging other suits)

Mark 15 "sneaky"

Mark 18 "casanova"
Mark 27 "disco"

Mark 28 "jack"

Mark 29 "fiddler"

Iron Man Mark XL Asgardian Armor

I'll be making updates on this post because there are many more suits to make, including the one from infinity war

Well that's it. Hope you like them...

If you want to support the project with any donation, please visit the following link. Any help will be really appreciated:


[REL] GTA V to SA Watts Towers


Esta conversion reemplaza las torres Watts del juego GTA San Andreas por un modelo en HQ de las mismas extraido desde GTA V


Si tienes instalado modloader, simplemente descomprime y coloca la carpeta que contiene los archivos dentro de la carpeta modloader.
En caso de no utilizar modloader, reemplaza los archivos en tu directorio gta3.img usando imgtool


[REL] Need For Speed Police System for GTA San Andreas

Cambié la forma en que nos sigue la policia en GTA San Andreas.

Inspirado en el sistema de persecuciones de NEED FOR SPEED, este mod hará que la cámara se enfoque en los policias que nos observan conduciendo a alta velocidad.

Vídeo demo:

Bonus: También incluye otros mods sorpresa que brindan un estilo Need For Speed al juego, como vibraciones en la cámara al rozar autos y musica en persecuciones policiales

Descargar solo Need For Speed police system:

Descargar Need For Speed police system +Bonus NFS Mods:

[REL] GTA SA HUD from the game Spiderman

Después de ver el trailer de spiderman para ps4, le copié la interfaz lo mejor que pude. Espero les guste

After watching the upcoming Spiderman game for ps4, I recreated the hud in GTA San Andreas. I did the best i could. Hope you like it

My version:

You can download this modification here:

[WIP] Iron Man enemies

I'm making the Iron Man antagonists for the mod. Hope you like the results of my work.

UPDATE 26/04/17

Fighting against The Mandarin will be posible too (Ben Kingsley), (not sure if i would make Killian though) will see if i can add the comic one powers to him

Thanks to a cleo mod and some animations i made, he can chase and attack you with his electrical whip.

See you next time!

EDIT: I wanted to update The Mandarin face so I totally remade it.

Screens? here you go:


Old version

New one

Without hair and shades:

New pictures

Testing GTA in two monitors' widescreen mode featuring the latest enb series: MMGE 3.0

I was bored so I got into 3ds max and rigged the latest Iron Man armor and some clothes for the Tony Stark player model

Estaba aburrido, asi que entré en 3ds max y rigueé la última armadura de Iron Man y alguna ropa para el player model de Tony Stark

Tony's style

Here i wanted to show some of the new clothes that i made for the Tony Stark player model. Hope you like it...

Aqui les queria mostrar algunas de las nuevas prendas que hice para el player model de Tony Stark. Ojala les gusten...

The cave where everything started

La cueva donde todo comenzó

Tony Stark, a brilliant multimillionaire, after being kidnapped by a terrorist sect called The Ten Rings, he creates an armor to escape from the cave where he was held.

Tony Stark, un brillante multimillonario, tras ser raptado por una secta terrorista llamada Los Diez Anillos, inventa una armadura para escaparse de la cueva en la que lo tenian cautivo.

He archieves to escape with the help of his friend and assistant Yinsen, who builds with Stark the first Iron Man super suit and he also gives his life for his friend to archieve his escape.

Logra concretar su escape con la ayuda de su amigo y asistente Yinsen, quien crea junto a Stark su primer super traje de Iron Man y ademas da su vida para que su amigo logre escapar.

Once inside the "Iron Man Mark I" suit, our hero begins his flee
Una vez vestido de "Iron Man" en su traje "Mark 1", nuestro héroe inicia su salida

But in the way, he faces the terrorists, who captured him, and fights them using the super powers brought by the suit.
En su camino se enfrenta a los terroristas que lo habian raptado usando los poderes que le brinda su super traje.

He barely makes it out alive with his life depending on a little artifact embedded in his chest and decides not to waste his life anymore. So he starts a relationship with his secretary Ms Pepper Potts

Apenas sale vivo y dependiendo su salud de un pequeño artefacto incrustado en su pecho y decide no desperdiciar su vida nunca mas. Asi que inicia una relacion con su secretaria Pepper Potts

He also investigates about the terrorists who kidnapped him. And in addition, he starts to build machines to protect the people and himself from them. Then 41 armors are built.

También investiga acerca de los terroristas que lo secuestraron. Además comienza a construir máquinas para proteger a la gente y protegerse de ellos. Nacen así las armaduras Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV y asi hasta el 42.

Later "The Ten Rings" come back for their revenge under the comand of a sadistic and ruthless man called The Mandarin. So they helicopter attack Tony, who's inside his Malibu mansion.

Luego "Los Diez Anillos" regresan por su venganza bajo el comando de un lider sádico y despiadado llamado El Mandarin. Atacan con helicopteros militares a Tony, quien esta dentro de su mansion en Malibú

All this and much more will be available for gameplay in a total modification of the game GTA San Andreas to be launched in late 2016
Todo esto y mucho más estará disponible para jugar en una modificación total del juego GTA San Andreas a lanzarse a fines de 2016

See you on a next demo
Nos vemos en una proxima demostración

Courtesy of your friend maxirp
Cortesía de su amigo maxirp

Visit the mod's official page by clicking here
Visita el sitio web oficial del mod haciendo clic aqui

[WIP] GTA San Andreas Iron Man Mod 2016-2018

Hi everyone. Today I'll be showing you a little about the project GTA Iron Man Mod 2016-2017 that I'm making. It will include his powers, missions, cleo scripts, mansion, cars, and Tony Stark player model with some of his armors adapted to the player (replacing CJ clothes). I left some images below to illustrate you:

Hola a todos. Hoy les vengo a mostrar un poco de lo que seria el proyecto GTA Iron Man Mod 2016-2017 que estoy haciendo. Incluirá poderes, misiones, cleo scripts, además de la mansion Stark, sus autos, el player model de Tony Stark con algunos de sus icónicos trajes adaptados a player (reemplazando ropa de CJ). Y bueno, sin mas que decir, los dejo con algunas imagenes:

Black an white hud
Hud en blanco y negro

Optional realistic 3D hud
Hud opcional realista y en 3D

Flying cleo mod with animations
Cleo mod de volar como Iron Man con animaciones

Pepper potts as the main player's girlfriend
Pepper potts novia mod

War machine mod

Hulkbuster mod wip
Hulkbuster mod en proceso

The Marvel vs Capcom Proton Cannon
El cañon de protones de marvel vs capcom

Trailer in full HD