[WIP] Avengers Tower in GTA San Andreas

An update that adds the Avengers Tower in the GTA San Andreas map
Featuring night lightning and full accesible interior of the building
Not finished yet. Will be adding wearable armors inside it. Will also make elevator with sphere markers

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[WIP] Hulkbuster car replacement

Hello everyone. It's been a while without showing you progress with the GTA Iron Man project because i've been busy with a virtual programming class.

Anyway, here are some updates.

OLD MOD OUTDATED May 29th 2009

Previously i used a mod called Front Mission for loading big skins that are used by CJ as giant armors. It's a very cool mod. Very recommended. You can download it here: LINK

Some modders (including myself) managed to replace the robots of that mod with the Hulkbuster armor aka mark 44 and mark 48


  • The mod allows you to spawn a giant robot that is enterable, like a car.
  • It gives you more health
  • It is moveable
  • It can jump forward high
  • It has a weapon (gun)
  • It can move forward fast by skidding


  • The mod does not allow you to fly with the armor
  • Spinning method (rotating to sides) is the same as spinning cars, takes a few minutes and it's not optimized
  • The armor does not have hud
  • The punches of the armor make cars explode, so it's not realistic
  • Armor does not lift cars
  • It has only two kinds of movement: walking slow and skidding fast.
  • It can't run neither sprint
  • You can't use more than one weapon and one meelee (punches)
  • It can't swim because it gets sunk but it attempts to fool you with a swimming animation
  • Does not reflect like a real metal armor
  • Does not have lights of arc reactor or eyes glow
  • The camera has some bugs
NEW MOD UPDATED August 1st 2019

For all these reasons above, and because i like being original, I personally decided to make a car with parts that behaves like a human. so it can reflect the world like if it was made of metal and have light glow in the chest and eyes. For doing that i custimized a car, in this particular case, the RHINO TANK. And made an ASI SCRIPT for allowing it to move its parts and walk like a human would. Here are some gifs of how it moves:

The things left to do are:

  • The shadows. I didn't replace it yet, but i'll also have trouble making it more dynamic, realistic and ped look alike. So if you know some good shadows mod. Leave a link in the comments below, so i can use it.
  • Iron Man features. I'm also going to adapt the new armor to my Iron Man hud, menu, and weapons.
  • The mobility. Controls, speed and flying animations are something left aswell. But don't worry, they can be fixed with cleo/asi scripting and making ifp animations.
  • The handling. Handling car lines are a challenge to me because i havent modified them before but i'm sure i can handle them :P

I'm going to finish the armor later, probably after i finish my virtual programming class.

Anyway. See you in next post! Bye

[REL] Will Smith Player Skin mod

Hello everyone. This time I bring you the first Will Smith Player skin mod for GTA San Andreas.

The new head model and texture wil give the protagonist this appearance ingame:

It was extracted, rigged, uv mapped and textured by Maxirp93 aka Maxirp using the software Autodesk 3d Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop

To install the mod, you can either replace the files one by one using imgtool, alci's img editorSpark imgCrazy img editorIMG Manager by xmen or any other img editing program

Or my personal favorite method:

1.- Install ASI Loader at GTA Root folder
2.- Install Modloader at the San Andreas folder too
3.- Create a new folder inside the modloader folder and name it "player.img"

4.- Download Will Smith Mod from Gtainside

5.- Browse the dff and txd files inside the downloaded file, using WinRAR and drag them to the created player.img folder

And there you go. You can also choose this alternative hairstyles:
  • Bald Head
  • Bald & Beard
  • Bald & Goatee
  • Bald & Stash
  • Cesar & Beard
  • Cesar & Goatee
  • Blonde Hair
  • Blue Hair
  • Green Hair
  • Pink Hair
  • Red Hair
  • High Fade
  • Cesar
  • Cesar & Stash

Note: the product provided is compatible with the TIP Clothes mod. And installing both mods, your game may look like this:

Tribute to the first Iron Man mod for GTA SA

The man who started it all. The first modder to make a Tony Stark player model. This is for the modder Trusis who back in 2009 made an Iron Man mod which inspired mine. This image, composed by me, is also inspired by one of his posts. A post that is now 10 years old. Link to his image below ↓

Original image posted by him:

[WIP] Iron Man 3 house party protocol armors in GTA San Andreas

Update! 30/11/2018
Added 5 more to the collection:

 Mark 19 "Tiger"

Mark 20 "Python"

Mark 21 "Midas"

Mark 22 "Hot Rod"

Mark 36 "Peacemaker"

Hey people this time i wanted to show you some some rare and hard to find armors that will be featured in the iron man mod that I'm making. I'm still working on the first one (which I modeled) but the rest are already rigged and work perfectly.

Mark 8 (created by me merging other suits)

Mark 15 "sneaky"

Mark 18 "casanova"
Mark 27 "disco"

Mark 28 "jack"

Mark 29 "fiddler"

Iron Man Mark XL Asgardian Armor

I'll be making updates on this post because there are many more suits to make, including the one from infinity war

Well that's it. Hope you like them...

If you want to support the project with any donation, please visit the following link. Any help will be really appreciated:


[REL] New Goblin (James Franco) from the game Spider Man 3

After the New Goblin 3D model was released, i ported it and the textures to GTA San Andreas

I've also made superpowers, hud, sounds and weapons for it. I hope you like it:

You can download this modification here:

[REL] GTA V to SA Watts Towers


Esta conversion reemplaza las torres Watts del juego GTA San Andreas por un modelo en HQ de las mismas extraido desde GTA V


Si tienes instalado modloader, simplemente descomprime y coloca la carpeta que contiene los archivos dentro de la carpeta modloader.
En caso de no utilizar modloader, reemplaza los archivos en tu directorio gta3.img usando imgtool


[REL] Need For Speed Police System for GTA San Andreas

Cambié la forma en que nos sigue la policia en GTA San Andreas.

Inspirado en el sistema de persecuciones de NEED FOR SPEED, este mod hará que la cámara se enfoque en los policias que nos observan conduciendo a alta velocidad.

Vídeo demo:

Bonus: También incluye otros mods sorpresa que brindan un estilo Need For Speed al juego, como vibraciones en la cámara al rozar autos y musica en persecuciones policiales

Descargar solo Need For Speed police system:

Descargar Need For Speed police system +Bonus NFS Mods:

[REL] GTA SA HUD from the game Spiderman

Después de ver el trailer de spiderman para ps4, le copié la interfaz lo mejor que pude. Espero les guste

After watching the upcoming Spiderman game for ps4, I recreated the hud in GTA San Andreas. I did the best i could. Hope you like it

My version:

You can download this modification here: